There are people who work solely using their intelligence and knowledge (head), and there are others who rely on their network. But all those cannot guarantee that they can enjoy what they do, not until they start working passionately. In addition to actually enjoying what they do, working passionately will produce maximum result.

When we are passionate about our work, our will becomes stronger and our minds are sharper, so our work will be more productive compared to if we are working without it. Our passion will be the driving force of our minds, wills and actions..

So, how do we work passionately? Start with these following five steps:

1. Set a goal that our hearts wish for.
There are many goals that we can find in working; it is perhaps to earn money, gain experience, position or prestige amongst other goals. But with the severe business competition and in the midst of world crisis, those who work because they are driven by the noble goals that originate from the hearts are often times the ones who survive and achieve success.

2. Find contentment within the heart.
Financial contentment, career contentment along with other physical contentment are things that have no end, which can make people get carried away and lure them into doing dishonest businesses which consequently will lead to big problems. The search for inner or heart contentment will keep one to conduct business in all the right manners and safe practices.

3. Working with a resolute heart.
The biggest hindrance at work is our heart mental condition. Unenthusiastic, feeling defeated before going into the battle, not in the mood and many other disabling mental conditions will hinder our success. If we believe in our pure motivation and are sure that our intentions are noble, then no matter what the obstacles are we will be able to overcome it with a resolute heart.

4. Build a team that has a unity of heart.
There is no human being who can achieve maximum success on their own. By working in a team we will be able to achieve a more maximum result. A strong team that is solid and cohesive can only be created through a unity of the hearts amongst its members.

5. Working wholeheartedly.
In anything, as long as it is done wholeheartedly and seriously, not losing the focus and with totality will produce excellent quality. Success is always achieved by those who work wholeheartedly.




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