We employ a modern learning technique that aims for maximum comprehension during training. Our methods consist of:

1. CAM Method
  This method uses cognitive, affective and motor approaches; hence it is very helpful to assist all the training participants of different character and background. This method helps the trainees to remember and comprehend the materials well because it is done in such a way that matches their thinking, values and action patterns.
2. AVK Method
  This method is 3 teaching techniques based on 3 human sensory gates, i.e. Audio, Visual and Kinesthetic..
3. Experiential Learning
  The process to identify trainees’ strengths and weaknesses which are gathered from their experiences by the instructor and through a case study which is applicable in daily living. Trainees will be taught not only theoretically but will know exactly how to put it into practice.
4. Discovery Learning
  Trainees, supervised by experienced instructors, will explore and discover what needs to be learned during the process. Trainees will not feel they are being told to or undermined, because through this discovery process what will happen is ‘information exchange’ and ‘experience exchange’ between trainees and even with the instructors.
5. Inspirational Learning
  Learning under a pleasant atmosphere will speed up the learning process maximally avoiding situations that can induce boredom and dullness. This is to motivate trainees to complete the learning process and improve their capacity.



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