The need to find a training that is both effective and applicable has become the dream of all HRD divisions of every company. We offer both short and long term training programs to help produce quality human resources, that possess high internal integrity as well as to develop their professionalism in the related field of work.

Our trainings are conducted using the newest methods, in the most interactive and creative settings. Supported also by a fun learning atmosphere so the training materials can be easily received and later applied in the workplace. Our training activities involve interactive discussions and simulations in classroom and outdoor settings; on top of that we also incorporate outbound activities. The training modules can be designed and adjusted to specifically meet the needs of a particular company. We have also designed an integrated module that focuses on helping individuals to achieve success in career and in life, which is comprised in the 10 Arts of Success.

Inhouse Training

Classroom setting trainings with interactive discussions and simulations, custom-designed to answer the needs and problems of every trainee.

Outdoor Training

A two-way communication training with simulations and games that is conducted outdoor, with a different atmosphere.

Character Game

A specially engineered game to fit the trainees, so that the trainees can enjoy the training under a completely different atmosphere, that is fun and memorable. At the same time this training also builds the character of excellence within every participating trainee.

Outbound Training

Trainings that are conducted in outdoor setting, getting in touch with nature.




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