“We’ve been using Foto Karakter service for over 1 year as a selection/assessment tool to detect the potential of current employees as well as that of potential employees. Ever since we’ve used Foto Karakter, our interview process has become much more effective and efficient. It can even act as a very accurate employee placement tool to ensure we have ‘the right man in the right place’.  

Our relationship with PowerCharacter as the provider of Foto Karakter service is more than just a business relationship. Their willingness to help and their service at all times with exceptionally professional outputs have been the actual experience that we’ve encountered so far."

Ir. I Made Budiana, MM
HRD Manager of PT. Asuransi Central Asia

Foto Karakter has provided valuable knowledge that really helped me in getting the initial picture of a character. Using this simple and fast measurement tool, we can obtain a fairly accurate and comprehensive picture of an individual. So, I’m glad and grateful that I’ve been introduced to this technology.

It can be said that this technology has equipped me even more so in my proficiency in psychology. Thanks to PowerCharacter who has introduced and taught me this knowledge. I hope that many more people will know about this and be able to use it for self development towards being better.
Success to Power Character.

Dewi Satriyani, M.Psi.




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