Success is everyone’s goal. Success actually originates from a success character. However all this time many people have failed to recognize and do not know the success character that they have in them.

Foto Karakter®(Character Photo) is a technology that can help any individuals to identify their success character quickly and correctly with a high accuracy rate. It can also be used to map out one’s strengths and weaknesses. Let’s discover our success character through Foto Karakter®(Character Photo). So we can become individuals who have excellent characters and are successful in achieving life’s purpose.

Through the use of Foto Karakter® (Character Photo) which has been proven to have served tens of thousands of people, we can look at and understand someone’s character. It can also identify one’s leadership performance, emotions, working style, productivity and socializing ability.
Foto Karakter® (Character Photo) can benefit anyone, both personally as well as for a company that needs to maximize its human resources. This can be achieved because this technology can recognize one’s character of excellence potentials while at the same time pinpoint issues with warning signs.
This technology is very beneficial in improving one’s interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. In addition, it can also be useful to identify businesses in the future, potential, talents, college major, job placement, relationship and partnership, and even help build family harmony.
There are 7 powers that can be revealed through this technology, they are:

  • The Power of Purpose
  • The Power of Value for Organization
  • The Power of Influence
  • The Power of Emotions
  • The Power of Character
  • The Power of Relationship
  • The Power of Work Effectiveness

By knowing the powers that are within us, we can reap numerous benefits, such as:

  • • To capitalize on excellent human capital and achieve maximum success
  • Identifying future opportunities/possibilities
  • Realizing the power derived from one’s style of work, emotional durability, accuracy, and even leadership style
  • To improve communication skill to be more effective
  • To be able to build stronger relationships and associations
  • Identifying traps and threats that could happen

For companies, this technology is also very useful to improve work effectiveness and efficiency, among others:

  • To recognize the potential in each employee
  • To recognize working style, emotional durability, accuracy, and even the leadership style of each employee on every level
  • To provide the right tools for recruiting, selecting and positioning decisions in the existing team to achieve ‘the right man in the right place
  • To capitalize on excellent human capital and achieve maximum success

Several national and multinational companies in Indonesia have shown that this technology is very helpful in handling and solving human resource problems that they are dealing with, such as:

  • Asuransi Central Asia (ACA)
  • SinarMas Bank
  • Nokia Indonesia
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Sampoerna Foundation
  • Equity Financial
  • Prudential Life
  • Mandala Multifinance, PT.
  • Panca Manunggal, PT.
  • Interpanca Kharisma, PT.
  • Sistech Indonesia, PT.
  • Kairos Multi Jaya, PT.
  • Samafitro, PT.
  • S A S, PT.
  • Smart FM radio
  • Capriasi
  • Dan masih banyak lagi



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