Power Character offers an effective consulting service for companies having problems with communication system, organization system, motivation and competence. Using survey method and analysis based on Business Problem Measurement Matrix, problems in the organization can be quickly diagnosed and resolved with the right solution.

We also offer the newest system for HRD that combines HRD system with character management which is really helpful for companies in solving common problems related to human resources matters. We named this system the 10 Systems of Human Resources Character Management, which has been tested and used by our clients, among others:

  • Topindo Atlas Asia, PT.
  • Mulia Lestari, PT.
  • Lotus Lingga Pratama, PT.
  • Panca Pilar Tangguh, PT.
  • Grahacipta Hadiprana, PT.
  • Razza Laras Group, PT.
  • Saka Agung Abadi, PT.
  • Equity, PT.
  • Sari Roti, PT.
  • Pasific Pan, PT.
  • Samafitro, PT.
  • Mandala Multifinance, PT.
  • Eiger
  • Smart FM radio
  • Panca Manunggal, PT.
  • Interpanca Kharisma, PT.
  • Sistech Indonesia, PT.
  • Kairos Multi Jaya, PT.
  • S A S, PT.
  • And many more




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